Re: Tamil Text Messaging in Mobile Phones

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 00:24:02 EDT

At the risk of beating a dead horse..

Sinnathurai Srivas <avarangal at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> 3/ Other systems with low resolution and limited bandwidth can
> use reformed characters. For a Tamil spending half an hour will make
> that one can understand reformed Tamil. Hence, say instead of thousand
> codes being transmitted for text messaging a picture of say "b" all
you need
> is to send one code for the character "b". (consider the cost of
> for sendin a picture and sending a code for a character.) It is not
> for all languages be rendered within the mobile phone itself, unless u
> millions of MIBs within the mobile phones. Hence, Tamil will take the
> character transmission route and some languages may take picture
> transmission route.)

Sending and displaying Tamil characters as bitmaps (which, BTW, would
take a few thousand bytes, not "millions of MIB") is not the only
alternative to reforming the script. You could build Tamil rendering
logic into cell phone displays instead. It ain't THAT hard.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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