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                                         Monday, July 29, 2002
Of possible interest.

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Subject: Children of the Code - PBS Series - (English History)

I received this e-mail earlier today. As the history of the English
alphabet is something I know precious little about, I offered to
forward it to SHARP-L. Please get in touch with Mr Boulton directly
if you wish to volunteer or to suggest suitable candidates!

Ian Gadd

Dear Ian Gadd,

I am engaged in research for an upcoming PBS (US Public Broadcasting
System) mini series on the history of the English writing system.
The "Children of the Code" is a 3 episode PBS project currently in
pre-production. It will begin with the story of the history of
writing and end in an examination of the role the English writing
system plays in the process of learning to read.

One of the most significant stories in the history of English writing
is how the Latin/Roman alphabet came to be used to represent the
English spoken language. I am looking for resources that will help us
present this aspect of our series and if possible an expert on this
subject that we can interview.

The producers of this series believe that the 'Children of the Code'
will help foster a new understanding and appreciation for the history
of our written language. Please let us know if you can provide us
any help. Please feel free to forward this request to colleagues you
think might be helpful.

I wish you a very good day - thanks for your help with this important project


David Boulton

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Kapaa, HI, 96746


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