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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 05:13:20 EDT

* Shlomi Tal
| There are programs that do it on the fly for Hebrew. The best, which
| I have used myself, is HebTML, available for free downloading from
| .

That may be worth looking at. (Thanks!) My problem is that I need to
make my own implementation, but I may be able to learn something from
that program.

| The conversion of visual to logical text in BiDi scripts is
| straightforward: validate the BiDi property of the character, and if
| RTL then reverse. That means Hebrew letters reverse their order,
| digits and Latin letters stay the same. Things get more complicated,
| however, when hyphens, paired punctuation and telephone numbers
| appear. You need a smart converter for that.

The reversing is straightforward, I agree. What I was wondering about
was what to do about line breaking in HTML, for example, and whether
it was better to do the conversion by inserting the override control
characters to get the right display.
| In essence, visually ordered Hebrew is a kludge for supporting
| Hebrew on platforms that weren't designed for it. In other words, it
| is an adaptation of Hebrew text to monodirectional LTR platforms. In
| modern software the onus of directionality passes on to software.

It does, but some software still needs support the old legacy.

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