Re: "Missing character" glyph

From: David Starner (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 14:08:38 EDT

At 05:18 AM 8/1/02 -0700, James Kass wrote:
>If it will help to understand this issue, here is how it works from
>a font perspective.
>The missing glyph is the first glyph in any font. This is mapped to
>U+0000 and the system correctly substitutes the glyph mapped to
>U+0000 any time a font being used lacks an outline for a called
>character. (Unless the application engages in arbitrary font-
>switching, which is another story...)

This is not universal among font and systems. My experience on
Unix is that U+FFFD is used for the missing glyph. That's the
way the Linux console works, and I've never had a complaint that
the GNU Unifont displays a diagonal NUL (the U+0000 glyph) rather
than the solid rectangle with a question mark in it that's the
missing glyph (at U+FFFD).

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