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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 17:40:33 EDT

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>I think James is mistaken on this point: the missing glyph *is* the first
>glyph in any TTF, but it is *not* necessarily (probably not typically)
>mapped from U+0000. For instance, in Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma and
>even James' own Code2000, the first entry in the cmap is for U+0020:

If, by 'missing glyph', you mean the .notdef glyph it should indeed be the
first glyph in the repertoire (but alas, may not be due to bad font tools),
but it should *not* be encoded as U+0000 or as any other codepoint. .notdef
should be unencoded.

The first four glyphs in a font should be:

         .notdef (unencoded, symbolic glyph signifying missing glyph)
         .null (sometimes call NUL or NULL, U+0000, usually zero-width sans
         CR (U+000D, usually zero-width sans serif)
         space (U+0020, often double-mapped to U+00A0)

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