Re: Digraphs as Distinct Logical Units

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fyi, definitions can be found in the Unicode glossary
(They are helpful and easy to access although I often find them weak or


Digraph. A pair of signs or symbols (two graphs), which together
represent a single sound or a single linguistic unit. The English
writing system employs many digraphs (for example, th, ch, sh, qu, and
so on). The same two symbols may not always be interpreted as a digraph
(for example, cathode versus cathouse). When three signs are so
combined, they are called a trigraph. More than three are usually called
an n-graph.


Ligature. A glyph representing a combination of two or more characters.
In the Latin script, there are only a few in modern use, such as the
ligatures between "f" and "i" or "f and l". Other scripts make use of
many ligatures, depending on the font and style.

> Is a digraph exactly the same as a ligature, or is there some difference
> please?

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