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Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 23:54:31 EDT

On 08/04/2002 03:18:44 PM Tex Texin wrote:

>Sorry this is off-topic-
>I want to activate the links in the unicode-example.pdf file.
>How do I get Acrobat Distiller to embed the links so that file readers
>can make use of them?

I'm not sure there's any way to do this when distilling the doc. A big
part of the problem is that the URLs aren't part of the postscript
generated in the process of printing.

If the page quoted the URLs, then there's an easy way to turn them into
links in Acrobat: after you've distilled it, you open in Acrobat and use
the Tools | Locate Web Addresses | Create Web links from URLs in text...
menu item. But your page doesn't quote the URLs. There is something you
can do manually: after distilling, open the PDF in Acrobat, and then you
can use the Link Tool (on the editing toolbar) to add the links one at a
time. The way it works is that you use the mouse to draw a rectangular
hotspot anywhere in the document and then specify a URL for it to jump to
when the user clicks in that hotspot.

If you create the page in Word and have the link text runs as hotspots in
Word and then print using PDFWriter, I think it will create them as
hotspots in the PDF doc. I don't know if this works if you print from

- Peter

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