Re: Hebrew support in Office.X

From: Bertrand Laidain (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 12:12:10 EDT

>>There's a serie of article about that in The Register site...
>This is some of the raw data that is part of the current confusion on that
>other list that is in need of sorting out. I'd like to hear a response on
>this list from someone at or

But in that confusion there is a letter from the Head of the Macintosh
division at Microsoft ???

>Can anybody from Apple or from MS's Mac division (is there such a person
>here?) tell me definitively whether any version of Office for the Mac
>supports Hebrew, and, if so, whether this includes pointing or accents
>(te'amim / cantillation marks), and also whether this assumes any
>particular codepage?

From Word 4 to Office X, Office never supported Hebrew and Worldscript,
and I don't know of any application (not Nisus for example) wich is able
to input te'amim (I would like to), Te'amim was theorically encoded in
the MacOs encoding but there was not Worldscript font with (even the
Apple fonts), so...


PS No te'amim except for a SIL font, which was working with Quickdraw GX,
but the encoding was not standard ! What do you think of an Unicode
(maybe Opentype) version of that font ?

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