Re: Hebrew support in Office.X

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 14:50:00 EDT

On Monday, August 5, 2002, at 11:48 AM, David Possin wrote:

> There are two letters from MS macBU explaining their side of the story,
> probably not telling all, though. I also read that Mac OS X has poor
> Hebrew support (or do they mean poor bidi support?).

This is patently untrue. Mac has provided bidi support for ages,
between the Hebrew Language Kit and WorldScript I, and ATSUI. Other
word processors, most notably Nisus, have supported Hebrew on the Mac.
The problem that the Office team has had is not that the support is
unavailable, but that it isn't available in a form where it can be
added easily to the Office code.

John H. Jenkins

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