unicode example updated with several new examples

From: Tex Texin (tex@i18nguy.com)
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 13:00:13 EDT

The unicode example (html and pdf) have been updated. There are now 76


Thanks for the many emails. I am still wading thru them, so if you
proposed an update or a correction, please wait a bit.
For those of you that made submissions, please check I got your name
right in the contributors list at the bottom.

I had many mails on Czech, and I knew the name Czech Republic. However,
it didn't exist at the time of Dvorak's origin.
However, I didn't see any other standard nomenclature for that region at
that time period, it variously being called
Czech lands, Czech territories, etc. because it was actually a part of
the Austria-Hungary empire.
Anyway, I caved to the majority and went with Czechia/Czech Republic.

Several new entries. Submitters are being very diligent about searching
out names with interesting characters.
Some submitters provide lengthy analysis of how they chose the name, the
particular characters they wanted to use, etc.
I enjoy reading them but cannot respond or remark on each one.

I am sure there are some new errors in this one as well. Let me know
when you find them.


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