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From: Tex Texin (
Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 16:15:41 EDT

OK, it turns out the characters were entered thru Word - insert symbol,
which apparently used the presentation forms b block.

I used the ICU transliterator to normalize with NFKC and convert the
strings to the Arabic block equivalents, which seemed to work nicely.
The Egyptian now displays correctly (to my untrained eye) on Opera 6,
Netscape 6, Mozilla 1.1 and IE.

The claims that NS and Opera did not yet fully support bidi undermined
fixing this sooner, which is a shame. They seem to support bidi well
enough for the purposes of these examples.

I am not sure why IE worked so well, and wonder if it normalizes first
internally. (Kill one rumor, start another...)

Using NFC normalization wouldn't have converted these. As excepting
these submissions by email is not much different from accepting them
over the web, it is going to be an problem for some applications to
determine if the use of compatibility forms by some users is intentional
or not, with the subsequent problems for searching, matching, etc.

I am not sure which display is correct now for the presentation block
forms. This will also be a problem if it varies by browser.

Oh well, I have some nice examples for the normalization section of the
Web I18n tutorial now.

I'll need to find a validator or other tool that will warn me when
presentation forms are used, and/or be able to convert the file. Maybe
if ICU accepted files... ;-)

Only the html file is fixed. I'll update the pdf later.
Also Cherokee was added, fyi.

Tex Texin wrote:
> For some reason the Egyptian example reverses under the Opera browser,
> but the other RTL scripts do not.
> Can someone spot a reason this would occur?

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