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Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 04:38:37 EDT

On 08/14/2002 12:45:22 AM Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>But even at the time, as the record of the deliberations would
>show, if we had a more perfect record, the proponents were clear
>that the "interlinear annotation characters" were to solve an
>internal anchor point representation problem.

I recall at the UTC meeting in Jan 2000 (I think it was 2000) there was
discussion of adding non-character code points for internal use by
programmers, and I remember Tex suggesting that it might be better to
identify the specific functions for which internal-use codepoints might be
needed, as had been done in the case of things like the IA characters. In
other words, at that time, it seems that they were understood by everyone
present to be intended for internal use by programmers only.

>I recall at the time I pointed out that
>as a linguist I had routinely made use of 4-line interlinear
>annotation formats,

In our Mexico branch, they adopted a scheme that allowed for up to 14
lines of aligning annotations. Multiple-line annotation is familiar in the
scholarly linguistics sector. The complexities go beyond merely having
multiple lines; e.g. there is the need to represent non-linear
associations (for discontinuous morphemese, such as vowel infixes in
Semtic languages, or the and have...en of English). As Ken says,

>this simple anchoring scheme couldn't
>even begin to represent such complexities in a usable fashion.

- Peter

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