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From: William Overington (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 09:36:32 EDT

James Kass wrote as follows.

>William Overington wrote,
>> No, it is a story about an artist who wanted to paint a picture of a
>> and a picture of a dog and, since he knew that the horse and the dog were
>> great friends and liked to be together and also that he only had one
>> upon which to paint, the artist painted a picture of a landscape with the
>> horse and the dog in the foreground, thereby, as the saying goes,
>> two birds on one canvas,
>> in that he achieved two results by one activity. In addition the picture
>> has various interesting details in the background, such as a windmill in
>> plain (or is that a windmill in a plain text file). :-)
>1) It's gif file format rather than plain text.*
>2) There isn't any windmill.

The picture of the birds has been in our family webspace since 1998 as an
illustration for the saying "Painting two birds on one canvas". That
saying, originated by me, is a peaceful saying meaning to achieve two
results by one activity. I made the picture from clip art as a learning

The picture of the birds is referenced as a way of illustrating the saying
"Painting two birds on one canvas". It is not the picture in the story
about which Ken asked. I may well have a go at constructing such a picture,
perhaps using clip art. The reference to a windmill is meant as a humourous
aside to Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

I am interested in creative writing, so when Ken asked about the story, I
just thought of something to put in my response. Part of the training in,
and the fun of, creative writing is to be able to write something promptly
to a topic.

William Overington

16 August 2002

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