Re: Double Macrons on gh (was Re: Tildes on Vowels)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 11:57:36 EDT

<Peter_Constable at sil dot org> wrote:

>> Broad ranges of Planes 0 and 1 have been tentatively blocked out on
>> the Roadmap for RTL scripts.
> Oh? I was somewhat sharply rebuked a few years for suggesting that
> such a thing be done. References to relevant documentation, please?

It looks like the dog ate my homework. The Roadmap pages I was
referring to: (for Plane 0) (for Plane 1)

no longer contain the gray-shaded areas indicating where RTL scripts
are, or were, *TENTATIVELY* blocked out. The BMP page does still
contain a note explaining this convention:

"Areas containing RTL scripts, as well as the Surrogates Zone and the
Private Use Zone are shaded grey here informatively."

but they aren't any more.

Also, the links to PDF versions are broken, so I can't tell whether the
PDF files still contain gray blocks or not.

I would guess a claim that we could absolutely, positively guarantee
that characters in a particular range would always be RTL would earn a
rebuke. I was just going by what the Roadmaps (used to) say, and that's
why I referred specifically to the Roadmaps and used the word
"tentatively." Should've double-checked first, though.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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