Re: Mac OS X Keyboard Layouts (was Re: new version of Keyman)

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 11:58:40 EDT

Arsa Deborah Goldsmith <>:
>There is lots of good news about keyboards in Mac OS X 10.2, none of

Thank you for that rapid, if intriguing response, Deborah.

>which I'm allowed to discuss until August 24, unfortunately. If you
>have signed an Apple non-disclosure agreement, write me privately and

I have (signed many an Apple non-disclosure agreement), the first of which
over a decade ago, established EGT's symbiotic relationship with Apple and
enabled my series of translations of generations of Apple Mac operating
systems into Irish - not to mention several much-loved Claris products in
the interim - here's a big 'hi' to any ex-Claris people reading this.:-)
Please write to me privately, as one always bound by those agreements,

If you could answer, as well, another question of great importance to my
local community, I'd appreciate that, Deborah - the question is (given that
EGT fostered/financed the development and distributed free-of-charge via
its own site for so many years the keyboards made in-house here to serve
many small linguistic communities), will Apple's new keyboards (including
those for the 'Celtic' languages) be free of charge to users (that is, will
EGT's policy of not charging end-users a penny for their use be continued)?

I hope it will,

>I'll blab about all of it. :-) I will be discussing all this and more
>at the San Jose Unicode conference, which, thankfully, is after August
>I will try to post something on August 24 giving the basics.
>Deborah Goldsmith
>Manager, Fonts & Unicode
>Apple Computer, Inc.

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