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No, not really; this is merely a matter of display of the current crop of
Web catalogs using general browsers. They use Latin-1 as the display
encoding, while records underneath are in the ALA character set. Therefore
some mapping takes place in the catalog program, in this case ayn to grave
accent. E.g., all diacritics are entered decomposed, but a subset is
displayed correctly composed, while others may be displayed separately (the
macron e.g.), replaced by another sign, or if not available in Latin-1, not
displayed at all. Some of the details are even open to a library's own


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> On Tue, 20 August 2002, "Martin Heijdra" wrote:
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> > Just FYI (I have not been following this thread): &quot;officially&quot;
in the
> > bibliographic community, there is NO apostrophe in Wade-Giles K'ang-hsi,
> > in Korean aspirated characters; it's an ayn (02BB AYN / MODIFIER
> > TURNED COMMA ). The apostrophe is only used between syllables. Of
> > usage outside this group of people varies.
> Indeed ... I notice that the Princeton on-line library catalogue uses
U+0060 GRAVE ACCENT for the
> Wade-Giles ayn, thus K`ang-hsi and Ch`ien-lung !
> Andrew

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