SC UniPad 0.99 released.

From: William Overington (
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 04:24:08 EDT

As an end user of Unicode I was interested to learn recently that the latest
version of SC UniPad, a Unicode plain text editor for various PCs, has been

This latest version is SC UniPad 0.99 and is available for free download
from the following address on the web.

A particularly interesting new feature is that one may hold down the Control
key and press the Q key and a small dialogue box appears within which one
may enter the hexadecimal code for any Unicode character. Upon pressing the
Enter key, that character is entered into the document. SC UniPad contains
its own font.

Please note in particular the buttons in a column down the left hand side of
the display. These alter the way in which some code points are indicated in
the display. For example, if one clicks on the button labelled FMT (which
controls Character Rendering: Formatting Characters)and selects Picture
Glyph, then entry of U+200D into the text document shows a box with the
letters ZWJ in it.

I first learned of the existence of the UniPad program in a response to a
question which I asked in this forum, so I am posting this note so that any
end users of the Unicode system who are at present unaware of the existence
of the UniPad program might know of the opportunity to have a look at it if
they so choose.

The web site has a facility to request email notification of developments to
SC UniPad. It was by a such requested email notification that I became
aware of the availability of SC UniPad 0.99.

William Overington

26 August 2002

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