Re: Romanized Cyrillic bibliographic data--viable fonts?

Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 09:37:56 EDT

On 08/27/2002 12:08:09 AM "James Kass" wrote:

>William Overington has mentioned the Softy editor. Please keep
>in mind that fonts are copyrighted material, and, mostly users
>are forbidden to modify them, even for internal use purposes.
>The best way to get characters added to a font is to ask the
>font's developer.

I agree completely. Also, it's worth noting that font engineering involves
rather more than just "adding a few extra characters", especially when
"smart fonts" are involved. Note, for instance, that some tools may trash
the hints in a font. The overarching issue, though, as James pointed out,
is that very often it is simply not legal to make such changes.

- Peter

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