[OT] looking for electronic dictionaries

From: Eric Muller (emuller@adobe.com)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 18:40:09 EDT

For my personal use, I would like to acquire electronic dictionaries,
principally for the major European languages, with the following

- reputable source

- "raw" datafiles accessible - I appreciate the interfaces that
dictionary vendors may provide, but I want to be able to write my own
code to find the data I am looking for

- the wordlist is the principal aspect; I can live without definitions.

- "markup" about the structure of words, for things like hyphenation,
etc. (or from which hyphenation can be derived)

- some form of frequency count would be nice

For example, I'd like to compute something like: "the average French
character occupies x bytes in UTF-8", with average defined in sync with
the frequency count. And I'd like to compute things like spelling
changes introduced by hyphenation in Dutch.

Any pointers?


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