Re: Romanized Cyrillic bibliographic data--viable fonts?)

From: William Overington (
Date: Sat Aug 31 2002 - 08:47:59 EDT

Edward H Trager wrote as follows.

> ... I was also thinking
>about the issue of how do you get the highly qualified designers
>interested in such a project?

In answer to the specific question.

One might consider the possibility of offering them a fee-paid assessment of
a portfolio of their work with the hope of receiving a qualification or some
formal academic credit from an appropriate body.

In relation to obtaining highly skilled and experienced designers to
participate in the project.

The project could be organized so as to include a training facility, as a
distance education process, for those of us who are not expert type
designers so that we learn on the project and thus the reward for the time
and skill which we spend on the project is enhanced skills and professional
experience in participating in a typographic project of such world class

If the second suggestion could be combined with the first suggestion, then
the prospect of a high quality distance education and participation
opportunity without the participants having to pay any fees might be the way
to get the result which you desire.

It could be organized as if each participant were carrying out a consecutive
series of final year undergraduate projects.

This approach may not be something in which everybody would wish to
participate, yet it could be regarded as a magnificent opportunity by some
of us.

The including of a training and learning opportunity in the project could be
the factor that provides the necessary "amplification of effectiveness"
factor to whatever funds are available so as to attract a good number of
keen people who would put in a lot of effort. Participation in the project
and being able to include that participation in a curriculum vitae would be
a huge incentive to people who are not currently employed in the typography
field and cannot realistically attend a full time course yet who would value
the opportunity to gain professional quality skills and experience.

This could be a wonderful opportunity!

William Overington

31 August 2002

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