Re: Mercury News: Hawaiian on a Mac

From: John Delacour (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 18:43:49 EDT

At 2:00 pm -0700 5/9/02, Deborah Goldsmith wrote:
>On Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 08:32 AM, Doug Ewell wrote:
>>Does everyone (Apple included) agree that the kahak is U+0304 COMBINING
>Our Hawaiian keyboard generates precomposed vowels with macron, not
>a combining macron. But yes, the kahak is a macron. And okina is
>The following was typed with the Hawaiian keyboard if anyone is curious:

Very nice! If any Eudora user wants to make any sense of Deborah's
message, they can run the script below, which requires the TEC Osax
to be in ScriptingAdditions. This script will open any incoming
UTF-8 encoded message as a TextEdit file displaying the Unicode

Is there any news yet of that tech note on keyboards? I've knocked
together a polytonic Greek keyboard using the old technology but I'm
keen to get working on the xml version and it would save me a lot of
time if there was some guidance available regarding all the different
actions etc.


tell application "Eudora"
     set cantDo to get outgoing of front message
   on error noMessage
     display dialog "No message"
   end try
   if cantDo then
     display dialog "
No incoming message to convert." with icon
       0 buttons
       {"OK"} default button
       "OK" giving up after 3
   end if
   set show all headers of front message to false
   set s to get field "" of front message
end tell
set s to TECConvertText s fromCode "UTF-8" toCode "UNICODE-2-0"
set f to "" & (path to temporary items) & "Eudora Message"
open for access file f with write permission
set eof file f to 0
write (ASCII character 254) & (ASCII character 255) to file f
write s to file f
close access file f
tell application "Finder"
   open file f using application file id ""
end tell
tell application "TextEdit" to activate

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