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Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 22:08:13 EDT

On 09/05/2002 08:27:17 PM Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>By the way, there is also the "Slashed B", which is another alternative
>form for the Barred B, used for the same purpose, but instantiated by
>typing b <backspace> / instead of b <backspace> -.

Yes, I saw that listed in P&L, but haven't been concerned since I've never
personally encountered it in literature, or had users request it (unlike
the barred b).

>For what it is worth, the founders of Unicode considered these three
>forms to be allographs of an abstract barred-b character, so that is
>what the current situation is. Trying to separately encode a "Barred B"
>distinct from the "Crossed B" would, at this point, constitute an
>explicit disunification, rather than simply a discovery of an overlooked
>character to encode.

OK, I wondered if that might have been the case. (If only there were some
way such decisions could be documented in the book... )

>> 2) Next, consider the g...

>Pullum and Ladusaw show two other glyphic alternatives:
> "Barred G" with an IPA style "g" and a horizontal stroke through the

(ouch! :-)

> "Crossed G" with an IPA style "g" and a horizontal stroke through the

Again, I mentioned only the first since that's all I've been asked for.

>All allographs of the same underlying character...

I can live with that.

>> 3) Finally, the d...

>Again, all allographs of the same underlying character...

As I was suspecting.

>There is no need to proliferate distinct encodings for these

Well, only that it would make it easier for us to avoid proliferation of
fonts while also providing fonts that our users can use with current
software that does not yet provide means of selecting glyph alternates.
But, I've been vocal about not encoding presentation forms more than once
on this list, so I guess I need to swallow the same medicine I dish out.

- Peter

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