Re: ISRI SoEuro has just been created!!

Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 09:01:24 EDT

>Recently, I've created a brand-new 8-bit codepage for Windows and Mac systems called ISRISEO (International Symbolism Research Institute—Southern European), which is based on the codpages MS-CPW1254, ISO 8859-3, and ISO 8859-9. Very soon (I hope), you'll be able to input text easily in Maltese, Esperanto, ... even Azəri-Latin!

I can; it's called UTF-8. Not only that, I can input text easily in German (modern, Old High and Middle), Gothic, Swedish, Vietmanese and many other languages. You're welcome to look at the list of Internet legal charsets - <>; for bonus points, guess which ones you might see (a) in email; (b) on a Macintosh; (c) on an IBM mainframe; (d) on a webpage; (e) never (not disjunctive or injective). I see no reason why yours would be anything but (e); Esperanto speakers speak just about every language in the world, and OS vendors (outside of Linux) have not seen fit to add special support for Esperanto. As the use of Unicode goes up, the likelyhood that someone will support a new 8-bit codepage, especially one that doesn't add new support for a language, is dropping fast.

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