ISRISEO's being redone (Formerly: Re: ...has just been created!!)

From: Robert (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 03:33:14 EDT

 Hello again, Doug and all Unicoders!
After reading through your currnet response, I was thinking about your issue with ISRISEO: about the symbols (especially) within the 0×80-0×BF (=positions 128-191) subrange, I origianlly planned ISRISEO to be *closer to ISO 8859-3 (Latin-3)*—to have the characters at closest to their positions in Latin-3; however, since there's already a CPW1254 in use, I realized that it'd make more sense instead to *have ISRISEO be more like an amended CPW1254 in its setup*—with most of the Latin-1 characters (symbols, punctuation, ...) residing at their usual, expected locations, with as little disruption as is feasible!
So, now—I've returned to the FrHed text editor (I got some NLS files I'm saving on a backup floppy, which is my working floppy); the ISRISEO codepage got a Registry locale number of *1361*, BTW. I just completed reprogramming the codepage files of ISRISEO for Windows (a CP_... file for 95/98/ME, and a C_... file for 2000/NT/XP)—the file ISRISEO.REG didn't need retinkering. Please disregard the .HTML file I recently sent y'all; I'm doing a rectified version of that, which'll be sent to y'all soon for easy reference. ISRISEO is *NOT* a 'joke' nor 'phantom' thing—it's a bona-fide (although it needs registering of an official kind) real 8-bit codepage locale useful for users/speakers of: Maltese, Esperanto, Turkish, and other languages that ISO 8859-3 was intended for.
Thank You!

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
International Symbolism Research Institute
Augusta, ME USA

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