Variation selector sequences for alternate glyphs. (derives from Re: various stroked characters)

From: William Overington (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 11:20:41 EDT

Peter Constable kindly responded to my question in the original thread.

>>Would the encoding that would be intended to be used in the long term use
of Unicode be to use one of the characters from the range U+FE00 to U+FE0F
following the main character code so as to indicate the glyph alternate?

>I have not to this point anticipated requesting variation selector
>sequences for these, but that is not beyond the realm of possibility.

I wonder if the matter of variation selector sequences could be clarified
for the general situation of applying variation selector sequences please,
that is, not necessarily in relation to the particular topic of stroked

Would a variation selector sequence be something specified and encoded by
the Unicode Consortium or by some other standardization body or would it be
a matter for end users on much the same basis as Private Use Area allocation

William Overington

9 September 2002

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