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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 10:33:06 EDT

On 09/12/2002 02:00:05 AM "William Overington" wrote:

>Certainly, on a Windows 95 machine if someone has Word 97 installed, then
>Word 97 can be used to set the Esperanto text before using a Print Screen
>operation, though Word 97 is a premium package not available to people
>minimum systems and possibly not available to people using an open access
>in a public library.

On a Win95 machine running Word 97, one can edit Esperanto text encoded in
Unicode. Keyman 5 can be used to create a Unicode-capable input method
that will work with Word 97 even on Win95. If Word 97 is too expensive,
there are lower-cost text editors available that can also do this.

>could produce
>elegant graphics using the Paint program.

It isn't very often that Paint is associated with elegant graphics. :-)

>Unicode is very important, yet I feel that it is also very important that
>facilities are provided for people using the many older machines which
>still in use around the world.

Do we have reliable info on how many older systems are in use around the
world, or are we just assuming?

>In using the Microsoft Paint program using the text tool I have found
>some fonts such as Arial, Code2000 and Times New Roman offer various
>versions of the font with names such as Baltic within parentheses after
>name of the font, which can be used using Alt ddd sequences and Alt 0ddd
>sequences, where ddd is a base 10 integer less than or equal to 255, to
>produce various sets of characters. How please does this mechanism work?

Using Unicode and industry-standard codepages. There is a single
Unicode-conformant font in each case.

>So, I am wondering if the new code page could be added into some of those

I assure you, it's not going to happen. No company that needs to create
profit wants to enter the black hole of supporting every end-user-defined
codepage (which is what this is) that comes along. They're making big
investments to be free (as much as possible) of even their own codepages.

- Peter

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