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Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 23:00:24 EDT


There are quite a few other mailers which support UTF-8 these days. May
I suggest Netscape 7 Mail? Others surely can suggest other favorite Mail
of theirs.

Netscape6/7's thread view is multilingual (if messages use MIME-encoded
headers) and it will display any language script supported by
encoding/converter libraries we have. The number of encodings is too
large to mention here but Netscape 7 certainly supports all major
Chinese encodings including GB18030 (with Surrogate range support on

For both body and header displays, MIME-charset info is used and fonts
are selected automatically. Reply messages will reflect the encoding of
the original mail message. Both view default encoding and send default
encoding can be set via Preference Dialog. For each folder, you can set
a different fallback encoding to use for displaying messages without
MIME charset info. For special folders (or newsgroups), you can also
optionally "force" the chosen fallback encoding on all the messages in
that folder/newsgroup ignoring incorrect MIME charset headers. (This
will probably work well on certain Chinese language newsgroups where
MIME info may be non-existent or incorrect.)

Netscape 7 supports IMAP, POP3, Netscape Webmail, AOL Mail, AIM, ICQ,
S/MIME, 128-bit encryption with certs, can be hooked up to LDAP server
for address look up. JavaScript is turned off by default for Mail. It
will not execute attachments automatically. Inline attachments can be
displayed in a body window, and recognized MIME types such as .doc, .pdf
can be opened with helper applications, but exectubale attachments must
be saved locally first. There will be no automatic execution of
attachments avoiding security risks and viruses.

The technical info below, my & Naoki Hotta's Unicode 17 paper on
Netscape 6 Mail, is somewhat dated but it may be useful for
understanding underlying technologies that support international
features in Netscape 7.

You can download Simplified Chinese version of Netscape 7 from:

- Kat

Weiwu Zhang wrote:

> I have been using Outlook Express for years. I speaks English, Chinese
> and some French, the later two language cannot be coded in one single
> email in any coding scheme except unicode. Now I'm sending UTF-8
> emails all the time to avoid changing code.
> My problem:
> Is Outlook the only mailer that supports UTF-8 (include the Chinese
> part), html sourcing, stationary, certification and encryption?
> I am a HTML source fan; I often edit mail source to make it perfect,
> but Outlook Express loves to re-format html emails in some silly way,
> especially in UTF-8 mode (moving style definition to body, using
> captical html tags, using silly tags like <CENTER>, <FONT> and so).
> Endora don't support any Chinese coding.
> I cannot give up encryption too, because I'm in a country where
> communication is sometimes watched.

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