Re: ISRISEO--Southern European/Mediterranean

From: Shlomi Tal (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 05:55:14 EDT

You know how I write Greek on a Hebrew-Enabled (codepage 1255) Windows 98? I
use the UTF-8 enabled editor VIM version 6.1. If there's a will there's a
way. There is absolutely no need for another 8-bit codepage.

Even on an ancient Baudot TTY you can support Unicode by using UTF-5. How
much more so possible is support for UTF-8 in more recent systems... UTF-8
was _designed_ for making possible addition of Unicode onto systems that
weren't planned for it.

> Hello!
>The files in this .ZIP archive file are yours to use and test—testing will
>need to be done prior to creation of keyboard layouts and text
>support/input packages.
>Thank You!
>Robert Lloyd Wheelock
>Augusta, ME USA


Shlomi Tal שלומי טל (my name in UTF-8 encoded Hebrew)

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