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From: Barry Caplan (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 13:14:07 EDT

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    I am working on a postgres database too - I haven't yet gotten to extensively testing the unicode aspects, but be sure to set the character set of the database to unicode when you create it. Otherwise all is probably lost - I don't know that you can simply change the char set later, and if you have to dump and import the data, you'd have to do some sort of conversions. Why bother making extra work for yourself?

    As for the code in php (I am using Perl myself and something similar applies) every time you manipulate text (every time!) get used to asking yourself if you (or php) are making any assumptions that one byte is the same as one character. The answer needs to be no, but will often be yes. Reconciling these issues is the bulk of making Unicode work for you.

    Barry Caplan

    On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, roslyn jose wrote:

    >> hi,
    >> im new to unicode, and am working on a project in php/postgresql. i need
    >> some info on how to start off with unicode. i went thro the web site and
    >> only saw explanations on what it is, its char set,etc. do i need to
    >> download or install anything to work with unicode, pls let me know soon.
    >> and also once downloaded do i need to import any classes or files when
    >> working with it, as im scripting in php and html. thanx
    >> regards,
    >> roslyn

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