Re: entities with breve

Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 11:04:32 EDT

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    On 09/23/2002 07:50:04 AM PRANI6 wrote:

    >I wonder how to encode two entities with one breve or inverted breve
    >for example k+s, or p+f. Are there Characters for half breves left and
    >or something like that?

    The answer would be to encoded characters comparable to U+0361. A combining
    double breve has already been approved for version 4.0. I intend to propose
    (unless someone gets around to it before me) a combining double inverted
    breve below.

    In the mean time, one can encode these as PUA characters (which is an
    interim solution we're going to be using, at least for some purposes).

    - Peter

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