Re: Sequences of combining characters (from Romanization of Cyrillic andByzantine legal codes)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 20:14:47 EDT

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    William Overington asked:

    > While on the topic, how would the following sequence be displayed please?
    > U+0074 U+0361 U+0073 ZWJ U+0307

    Just like:

    U+0074 U+0361 U+0073 U+0307

    The sequence <U+0073, ZWJ, U+0307> could request a ligature of the
    s and the dot-above, but since it is unlikely that any type designer
    is going to actually ligate the dot into the s and produce a
    ligature glyph for it, the sequence is likely to be rendered as
    if it were just <U+0073, U+0307>, that is an s with a dot-above.

    > I am not suggesting this for bibliographic work, just wondering: for the
    > bibliographic work I feel that a new character of a COMBINING DOUBLE
    > INVERTED BREVE WITH DOT ABOVE might be a good solution.

    Possibly. It is certainly a simple solution.


    > William Overington
    > 25 September 2002

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