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    (Apologies to William, I hope you can find some humor in this, as we
    have been a bit repetitive, haven't we. I am sure the magnificent
    Sarasvati will slap me for this. I beg for mercy. At the same time I
    can't resist this.)

    Dear list,

    I have a new invention, a message catalog to be assigned code points in
    the PUA area. I think this will make some of the Unicode list discussion
    more efficient. This can't be done in XML. I researched the subject and
    codes for the Unicode list have not been invented before. I will write a
    limerick about this shortly and post some web pages using the codes.
    Peter, PUA is for anyone to use, so why can't I discuss this here?

    Everyone have a good weekend!

    Message Message
    # Text

    100 I have a new invention.
    110 This will be a great advance for markets &1, &2, and &3.
    120 I will be using codes in the PUA area. It is most efficient to use a
    proprietary approach.
    130 I will be assigning these to the range &1 - &2.
    140 I have researched the subject and discovered interesting papers on
    &1, &2 and &3. The papers were written in 18&1 - 19&2.
    150 Peter, PUA is for anyone to use, so why can't I discuss them here?
    160 I can't use XML for this purpose.
    161 XML uses too many characters. It is inefficient.
    162 XML uses the character &1 and I need to express that for purpose &2.
    165 Besides, code points are there to be used.
    170 I hope to publish some web pages using these codes.
    180 I have created a &1 (select from poem, painting, sculpture, other
    art form) as a creative, inventive and interesting aside to the project.

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