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Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 11:05:03 EDT

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    Can anyone clarify this one:
    In Microsoft page here :
    says Malayalam chillu glyphs are formed when inputting
    (consonant)+(virama). Can I use another formation for chillus, I
    want to use (consonant)+(virama)+(ZWJ) any problem?
    And any problem, If I am am giving ligature formation in this
    in OpenType tables?

    Baiju M

    --- wrote:
    > Quoting
    > > Actually, my point was specifically that *part* of the
    > infrastructure is
    > > already present, at least in OpenType, but not *all*, either
    > in OpenType
    > > (meaning of "language" in the OT spec needs to be clarified,
    > and
    > > relationships between these tags and the "language" tags
    > used for data e.g.
    > > RFC 3066, need to be resolved)...
    > 'Language system' (not 'language') in the OpenType
    > specification actually means
    > *writing* system, i.e. a particular set of
    > orthographic/typographic conventions
    > associated with the use of a particular script. 'Language
    > system' is a
    > misnomer -- an historical artifact of the incomplete
    > understanding of the
    > format's original designers --, and it has caused all sorts of
    > confusion,
    > especially among people who assume that the OT 'language
    > system' tags must have
    > some relationship to things like NLS tags. There is no
    > necessary relationship
    > and, indeed, it is possible to conceive of a user wanting to
    > apply, for
    > instance, the typographic conventions of German to a language
    > other than German.
    > I've suggested to Microsoft and Adobe that the term used in
    > the spec should be
    > changed, or at least annotated.
    > John Hudson


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