Re: glyph selection for Unicode in browsers

Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 11:56:58 EDT

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    Peter Constable wrote,

    > >Once the font specs for all this are set and fonts are released with
    > >the necessary coverage and the shaping engines can access all of this,
    > >the browsers are sure to quickly add support, too.
    > I'm not quite as optimistic in terms of how close we are to having all this
    > ready to go. I think there's some hard work still ahead.

    Oh, certainly. There's always hard work still ahead, it seems.

    A possible option for dealing with language specific font selection would
    be to enhance the user font preference options in browsers to include "lang"
    font assignments under the existing script assignments. To assist users
    in setting up such preferences, perhaps some kind of font information
    registry could be collected and published in order to avoid the duplication
    of effort which would be required if every user had to separately contact
    the various font developers asking about language suitability. I'd expect
    this kind of user preference option to be under "advanced" settings...

    Or, perhaps this degree of font selection could be handled at the HTML/XML
    authoring tool level. In other words, an author could set up "lang" tag
    preferences once, and then the tool could automatically set up CSS with
    appropriate font selection information based upon the "lang" tags used in
    the document.

    Or, the browser folks themselves could maintain an internal listing of
    "lang" tags and suitable fonts and apply them invisibly as default if
    no other font is selected.

    Of course, this still would mean much hard work ahead, but it would shift
    the burden from OpenType developers to browser developers. (smile)

    Best regards,

    James Kass.

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