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    Kenneth Whistler scripsit:

    > "The High Ogonek is symptomatic of one of the things
    > wrong about the character standardization business,
    > which encourages the blithe perpetuation of mistaken
    > 'characters' from standard to standard,

    "Charadords", one might call them. See , the best account of
    "dord" I can find quickly, but with two significant omissions (read it
    first, then come back here):

    1) The entry for "dord" was not mis-sorted; rather, abbreviations were
    originally to be listed separately, but late in development the decision
    was taken to merge words and abbrevs into one list.

    2) M-W's convention for typing headwords on index cards was to Germanspace
    them, thus: "D o r d", making the confusion with "D or d" highly
    plausible, given the erratic spacing behavior of manual typewriters.

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