RE: The Currency Symbol of China

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 04:38:00 EDT

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    Stefan Persson wrote:
    > > Similarly, "yen" is just the Japanese (kun) pronunciation of Chinese
    > "yuan".
    > > IMHO, the preferred symbol for both currencies should be U+00A5.
    > Wrong:
    > Yen (円) is U+5186, while yuan (元) is U+5143.
    > "Yen" is an ancient "on" pronunciation for U+5186; today it's
    > pronounced "en."

    They are just two different spellings of the same word, "yuán", which means
    "currency unit" or "circle". A quick search brough up at least six variants,
    all of which are pronunced "(y)en" or "(g)en" in Japanese on:

    U+5143 元
    U+5186 円
    U+5706 圆
    U+570E 圎
    U+5713 圓
    U+571C 圜

    _ Marco

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