[semi-OT]Primer on message catalog for l10n techniques

From: Barry Caplan (bcaplan@i18n.com)
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 14:04:12 EDT

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    The thread last week on "comet circumflex" briefly veered of onto the history of message catalog techniques when I suggested that William Overington's ideas about using , uh, less-commonly used, Unicode codepoints as delimiters in a markup scheme, while not entirely devoid of usefulness, was not as unique as he may have thought.

    While surfing over the weekend, I came across a presentation that listed details of a few common essage cataloging methods used for localization work, along with earliest dates of use, that may be of interest. I posted details on i18n.com at http://www.i18n.com/article.pl?sid=02/10/01/1058230

    Barry Caplan

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