Re: Mac Unicode question

From: Tom Gewecke (
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 22:00:21 EDT

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    >One wishes that Word for OS X, or AppleWorks for OS X, or InDesign
    >for OS X, allowed one to input text in Unicode. But one step at a
    >time, I guess. :-)

    I've been playing around with the java-based ThinkFree Write (part of
    ThinkFree Office, 30 day free trial, $50 purchase)

    Although there are various things TF Write cannot yet do, it appears you
    can input from all Mac OS X keyboards, Unicode and otherwise, plus the
    Character Palette (BMP only, however), format in various ways, and save
    results as .doc, .rtf, or UTF-8 .html files.

    No luck with UTF-8 plain text or copy/paste, but still seems a lot more
    capable than Word X.

    I'd be curious what others think of it.

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