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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 05:50:23 EDT

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    At 14:52 -0400 2002-09-30, Jim Allan wrote:
    >Antonio Martins posted:
    >"And why is the english name "cedilla", an unequivocably spanish
    >word, when there's no cedillas in Spanish? (OTOH, Spanish-speaking
    >people call "tilde" the acute accent mark, while the thing they put on
    >top of some "n"s lack a vernacular name...)"

    I've never heard this. "acento agudo" and "acento ortográfico" are
    used for the acute (p. 9 of the big Larousse English-Spanish
    Spanish-English dictionary, 2000), and "tilde" is applied to the n
    (p. 663 of same). Though it looks as though tilde can be applied to
    the written acute as well.

    tildado 'with an accent; with a tilde (ñ)'
    tildar 'to put an accent on (poner acento); to put a tilde on (la n)'
    tilde 'tilde (sobre la n); accent (acento); fault, flaw, blemish
    (tacha); iota, dot, tittle (cosa ingifnificante); fig. poner tilde a
    = to criticize'e

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