Ligature and VB

From: Gopal Krishan (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 19:00:20 EDT

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    In one of my VB project, I'm sending PostMessage API function
    to send character of my desired value to control. e.g. If I
    need to send character J to the keyboard, I'm using

    dim s as Long
    s = PostMessage(Text1.hwnd, WM_CHAR, 99, 0)

    where 99 is the ASCII value of character J in my font.

    Now, in certain languages e.g. Japanese, Hindi and other
    Asian languages, characters are made by combining 2 or
    more different characters. e.g. character N of devnagiri in
    some font will be made by combining ascii values 120
    followed by 201.

    So, I've to send 2 Postmessage calls

    s = PostMessage(Text1.hwnd, WM_CHAR, 120, 0)
    s = PostMessage(Text1.hwnd, WM_CHAR, 201, 0)

    Now, here the real problem starts. I've to used delete /
    backspace keys twice and it should be used once. This is my
    client's requirement as well as rules suggested in MSDN by

    What I've found on Net / MSDN / Books, this solution is under
    complex scripts and / or making ligatures.

    1. Is there any way to send 2 characters in PostMessage function in 1 statement e.g. using Bitwise And
     120 to binary is 11110000
     201 to binary is 110010011

    2. Any freeware activex control / dll to make ligatures of TTF file?

    I hope you've understoof my problem now. Please send me your
    valuable suggestion, if you can.


    Hoping for early and positive reply.

    With Best Wishes

    Gopal Krishan

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