Re: Combining large X overlay?

From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (
Date: Sun Oct 06 2002 - 12:14:17 EDT

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    On 2002.09.30, 16:22, Doug Ewell <> wrote:

    >> I was quite surprised when I noted that a "combining large X overlay"
    >> was not included in the Combining Diacritical Marks block
    > Can you show why it would be a *good* idea?

    Sure can, as most of us could -- if only we hadn't better things to do.
    Seriously, I am working in a encoding proposal (vexillological technical
    symbols) and there's a handful of symbols which could be encoded as
    "previously existing symbol" + "combining large X overlay". (These
    symbols, BTW, are used in text, not only in pictorial, diagrammatic and
    tabular presentations.)

    > I can't think of any plain-text uses for a combining X overlay, though
    > I can think of numerous purely iconic uses.

    From the top of my head, I could refer hermeneutics and text revision in
    general -- but that might be outside the plain text domain. (I'm quite
    sure hermeneutics is best done with mark up, BTW.)

    > The burden is on the proposer to show why a proposed character is
    > necessary or would be useful. Saying "it seems like it should be
    > there, because many similar combining-overlay characters are there"
    > doesn't provide a persuasive case for X-overlay.

    Of course. I was just commenting, not presenting a formal proposal.

    >> Can anyone just step forward and propose U+20E4 for a "combining
    >> large X overlay" and call it a day?
    > Well, U+20E4 is already assigned to COMBINING ENCLOSING UPWARD

    Hm, I'll have to update my UniBook database.

    > But besides that, you would need to fill out the proposal form -- not
    > simply mention it on the list -- and most importantly, you would need
    > to show what plain-text requirement would be fulfilled by adding this
    > character.

    All in due time... ;-)
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