Re: [Graphite-devl] 35 Indic fonts now available under GPL

Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 17:38:39 EDT

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    On 10/08/2002 03:05:50 PM YTang0648 wrote:

    >I quickly look at it. It seems TrueType font use Symbol encoding. Is there
    >documentation about how to convert the Unicode to the glyph code? Is there
    >public documentation about that glyph set or glyph id used in these fonts?

    Not that I know of.

    Having taken a quick glance at a couple of the fonts, it looks to me like
    there is some significant re-working one would need to do to make any use
    of these in a Unicode-based implementation. In effect, if you want to do
    Unicode, these fonts might be useful for the glyph outlines, but not much
    more. That doesn't mean they're not of any use at all, but it would take a
    font engineer to make usable Unicode-conforming fonts, and it's possible (I
    don't know whether this applies or not) that there may be issues with the
    outlines that would call for more type design work. (For instance, in an
    OpenType or Graphite font, one might want to create complete ligature
    glyphs rather than using sequences of partial typeforms, one might want to
    refine some contextual forms that may been designed with comromises due to
    the effective 222 glyph limit when working with custom, 8-bit,
    presentation-form encodings, or one might want to refine things like
    metrics or default diacritic position, again, to throw off compromises that
    may have been made to work within an old-technology implementation).

    IMO, anyway.

    - Peter

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