Re: ISO 8859-11 (Thai) cross-mapping table

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 05:15:36 EDT

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    At 09:55 AM 10/9/02 +0200, Theo Veenker wrote:
    >Compared to the 256 Mb in a typical PC each lookup table would consume 0.001%
    >(or 0.01-0.03% for CJK) of main memory. My point is it is better to
    >on processing speed than on table foot print.

    Making two crucial assumptions here:

    a) you are using a PC or similiar-sized gadget
    b) you are dealing with only one mapping table

    On a small device and/or in situations where many mapping tables are used
    (or inadvertantly many copies of the same one) attention to size can matter.

    If, for example, your application is cache-limited already, then taking
    even small amounts of extra memory would appear to be able to result in a
    bigger speed penalty than your simple calculation suggests.

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