RE: Historians- what is origin of i18n, l10n, etc.?

From: Jim Melton (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 11:08:00 EDT

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    In spite of Arnold's anecdote, I think that I18n was in use long before
    1991. I first started using it myself in perhaps 1987, having picked it up
    from colleagues at Digital Equipment Corporation (remember *them*?); I have
    no idea where they got the term, though. However, I first encountered L10n
    quite some years later, possibly as recently as 1994 or 1995, but I don't
    recall it as clearly.


    At 07:14 AM 2002-10-10 -0400 Thursday, Winkler, Arnold F wrote:
    >Here is my recollection:
    >Sometime around 1991 in a IEEE P1003.1 (POSIX) meeting, Gary Miller (IBM)
    >was writing on the blackboard. After having spelled out
    >Internationalization a few times, he first abbreviated it to I--n and a bit
    >later (obviously after counting the letters in between) used I18N. Sandra
    >might have been at the meeting, and Keld - they might be able to confirm my
    >L10N did not show up until quite some time later. I have no idea who used
    >it first.

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