Re: [nelocsig] Historians- what is origin of i18n, l10n, etc.?

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Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 14:11:19 EDT

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    Bryan, thanks for pointing it out.

    Actually, the story says it was created during an x-windows standards
    committee meeting that was occuring at MIT.
    So I am not sure the association should be with MIT as much as x-windows
    standards, assuming the person who told Barry is correct that this is
    the first instance, to begin with.

    However, I am glad that they weren't meeting at a Howard Johnsons, or we
    would be crediting HoJos with inventing the term.
    Or maybe we would be using the term "InNa" instead?


        Hi Tex,

        According to an article I read by Barry Caplan, these acronyms come
    from MIT. Would anyone like to comment on this version?



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