Forming Coptic Numbers in Unicode

From: Daniel Yacob (
Date: Thu Oct 10 2002 - 23:28:45 EDT

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    To compose coptic numerals under Unicode I've applied the appropriate
    lowercase letters in the Greek-Coptic range with the elements from the
    Combining Diacritical Marks: U+0304, U+0331 and U+0347. I had no basis
    to choose these diacritical symbols upon other than they seemed to get
    the job done visually. What are the "approved" symbols for composing
    coptic numbers portably?

    Next question; what does one do for character codes to show values
    over a billion? If there is no official sanctioned solution, it
    occured to me that the diacritic symbols could simply accumulate
    following the lowercase char for interchange and then be presented

    Some recommendation added to the "The Unicode Standard" reference
    would be a good service here, sorry if I've missed it.



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