Re: Origin of the term i18n

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 14:56:17 EDT

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    Raymond Mercier asked:

    > Isn't "i18n" rather off-list ?

    Neither Sarasvati nor the self-styled list police have objected.

    While historical origin discussions are OT, they do seem to have
    an interested following on the Unicode list.

    Perhaps more to the point, Unicode implementations are all about
    i18n (or internationalization -- however you want to spell it).
    And the UTC and L2 committees consider internationalization to be
    a part of their overall area of concern. And the Unicode conferences
    definitely cover internationalization issues -- and even some of
    the details of localization.

    > Is this the same list where people objected to the endless arguments with
    > William Overington ?

    Yep. But at least nobody on this thread -- to date -- has claimed
    a new invention, proposed to encode "i18n" in user space, or
    proposed lyrics about it to be posted in their family webspace.

    --Ken ;-)

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