Asturian-Leonese: L + L with dieresis bellow

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Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 15:53:40 EDT

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    Browsing a journal on/in iberian minority languages (_Llengües Vives_,
    *1997:5-6*), I noticed two occurrences of an "l" with dieresis bellow,
    both times following a regular "l": "Vill:ablinu" and "Ll:aciana". All
    other words with "ll" were unmarked ("llingua", "Lleón", etc.)

    Encoding, this must be U+006C U+006C U+0324 (or U+004C U+004C U+0324,
    or U+004C U+006C U+0324). (Though I'm sure the said source used dotted
    underscore or any other typographic mimcry to achieve it.)

    It seems to have the same value as the infamous catalan U+006C U+00B7
    U+006C (or U+004C U+0324 U+004C, but not really U+0140 U+006C), though
    AFAIK there is a number of concurrent and complentary (dialectal)
    orthography systems for Asturian-Leonese, whose speaker communty is
    largely analphabet, BTW. (NB: They're largely analphabet in Asturian-
    Leonese, not in Castillian or in Portuguese!)

    How does this concerns this list? Well, I know that <<I would not
    consider proposing a character for a precomposed combination.>>
    (Peter Constable, discussing q-macron off list), but <<The Unicode
    Consortium is interested in obtaining information on known glyphs, minor
    variants, precomposed characters (including ligatures, conjunct
    consonants, and accented characters) and other such "non-characters,"
    mainly for cataloging and research purposes; however, they are generally
    not acceptable for character proposals. >> (stated by the Consortium at ) So I guess it's OK.

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