need open source tools to convert indic font encoding into ISCII or Unicode

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 15:28:10 EDT

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    Dear unicoder:

    I am looking for open source tool (C / C++ / Perl or Java) to convert
    between (UTF-8/UTF-16 or ISCII) and differnt Indict font encoding.
    Please let me know if you know anything available.

     Perl, or

    Convert from A to / from B where
    A mean
     UTF-16, or

    B mean
     font encoding of Nadunia font
     font encoding of Shusha font
     font encoding of DV-Suresh font
     font encoding of DV-Yogesh font
     font encoding of Mangal font (that is just OpenType, is it ?)

    Also conversion between
     UTF-16 and ISCII

    If there are no CODE available, information (mapping table, algorithm,
    documentation) are also helpful.

    Below is the information I already know. If you know anything more than
    that, please let me know. Or if you know more detail about those, please
    also let me know:

    1. I know Eric Mader at IBM is working on a layout engine which he
    reverse enginieer some of the Indic font encoding.
    2. There are some very limited information about INSFOC font from page
    76-77 at

    3. Pango probably have some table to handle these fonts. Sun help us
    (mozilla) to put a small part of pango code into mozilla to handle
    hindi in

    The whole pango source at
    They have some shapping engine for indic fonts. But I am not sure that
    will to revers mapping from font code back to iscii

    4. t you may have some
    open soruce code there deal with the conversion

    5. about Nadunia
    look at

     Mark Leisher. (/
    seems pretty knowledgable about this issue.

    6. Mangal- Mangal is just a OpenType font, right? should the page
    encoded in UTF-8 ?

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