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Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 13:20:36 EDT

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    At 00:30 -0400 2002-10-25, Robert wrote:

    >Another language alphabetic script that reads left-to-right
    >vertically from top-to-bottom is Sarati, another of the fantasy
    >scripts from the late J. R. R. Tolkien's *Lord Of The Rings* book

    Perhaps "another of the scripts J.R.R. Tolkien devised for his
    fictional universe". (He's not late. He died in 19.)

    >Featured in Sarati are the consonant symbols (sarat) that form the
    >backbone of the vertical reading line; the vowels are small marks
    >that go on either side (left for before, right for after) of the
    >involved consonantóthe name *Illuvatar* (for example) would be
    >written thus in Sarati:

    We haven't roadmapped Sarati yet, by the way.

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